Old Film Processing UK film Developing and Printing services
35mm,APS,110,126, 127, 120,C-22,E-4, E-3, E-2, E-6,Agfacolor CN,C-41A Disc film,Ilford Colour Films,Outdated Panchromatic Films,Agfacolor CT (Colour Reversal), 3M CR-50 (Colour Reversal),Kodachrome K-11, K-12 and K-14, Dufaycolor D-1 (Colour Reversal),Agfa Dia-Direct Reversal film...etc
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How to identify an old film?

Look for the brand, format (35mm,126,disc,126 620 etc) and the PROCESS usually an alphabet and number (C41, E6, K14, C22 etc)


Look for the brand, format (8mm, 16mm,double 8 ) and the PROCESS usually an alphabet and number (E6, K14, Kodak chrome k40 , Ektachrome to name a few)

Please do not hesitate to contact us on express@fotostation.co.uk or 01895 674 000 for more details and assistence.

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