Old Film Processing UK film Developing and Printing services
35mm,APS,110,126, 127, 120,C-22,E-4, E-3, E-2, E-6,Agfacolor CN,C-41A Disc film,Ilford Colour Films,Outdated Panchromatic Films,Agfacolor CT (Colour Reversal), 3M CR-50 (Colour Reversal),Kodachrome K-11, K-12 and K-14, Dufaycolor D-1 (Colour Reversal),Agfa Dia-Direct Reversal film...etc
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Movie Film Processing & Transfering to DVD

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All KodakChrome films will be processed after December 15th, 2010 in Black & White , NOT in Colour

Time Frame : KodaChrome and EktaChrome Despatch in 2 - 4 Months from receipt.Some movie films other than KodakChrome K40(process Paid or Not)may take 2-8 months at least as we do them in batches according to the process.

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