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Old Film Processing UK film Developing and Printing services
35mm,APS,110,126, 127, 120,C-22,E-4, E-3, E-2, E-6,Agfacolor CN,C-41A Disc film,Ilford Colour Films,Outdated Panchromatic Films,Agfacolor CT (Colour Reversal), 3M CR-50 (Colour Reversal),Kodachrome K-11, K-12 and K-14, Dufaycolor D-1 (Colour Reversal),Agfa Dia-Direct Reversal film...etc
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About Us is a subdivision of FotoStation. At Kodak Express @ Foto Station our aim is to provide first-class service covering all of your Photograhic and Digital imaging needs. Using state of the art Swiss processing and printing machinery, coupled with the latest in Kodak technology on paper and chemistry, your films receive the best attention at every stage of production. Our staff are all highly trained to achieve the highest quality in both service and printing.

Our Digital Darkroom is unique in that we can boast of being one of the first in the country to be able to produce digitally manipulated prints on photographic paper by the wet process.

Our mission is to provide QUALITY VALUE SERVICE to all our customers.

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