Old Film Processing UK film Developing and Printing services
35mm,APS,110,126, 127, 120,C-22,E-4, E-3, E-2, E-6,Agfacolor CN,C-41A Disc film,Ilford Colour Films,Outdated Panchromatic Films,Agfacolor CT (Colour Reversal), 3M CR-50 (Colour Reversal),Kodachrome K-11, K-12 and K-14, Dufaycolor D-1 (Colour Reversal),Agfa Dia-Direct Reversal film...etc
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Old fim processing and developing at Kodak Express at Fotostation

Found an old film and want to go to your parents/grand parents days??
We can develop and process old (outdated or discontinued) negative films, Slide films and old movie films.

Disc film, 127, 126 or 110 format film, Kodacolor-X, Kodacolor II, Ektachrome-X,
High Speed Ektachrome, Kodachrome II, Agfacolor CN17, CNS or CT18, TriFCA, Verichrome Pan, Super-XX, Panatomic-X, Selochrome, HP3, HP4, FP3, Gratispool, Prinzcolor, Dufaycolor, Fujicolor N100 and R100, Sakuracolor, Anscochrome, Orwo NC21 and UT18, Gevaert Gevacolor R5 and N5, Agfa Dia-Direct, Agfa Scala,
Fujichrome 100ix APS film, Infra-red film, Technical Pan, Unprocessed old Cine film, and many more

35mm , APS, Black & White, Slides, 110, 120, 126 & 127 Film Processing & Developing

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35mm Slide (KodaChrome) Processing & mounting

  • KodaChrome 35mm Slide (K-14 Slides) film processing & mounting Services. We can scan 35mm slides to CD or DVD.

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127 , 110 Slide (E-6 & K-14) Processing

  • 127 and 110 Slide film processing (E-6 and K-14 Process). We can scan 127 and 110 slides to CD or DVD.

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Disk Fim Processing Scanning and Printing

  • Disk Film processing & developing. Disk film scanning & printing, and scan to CDor DVD.

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Movie Fim Processing and Transfering to DVD

  • Kodak K14 and E6 Super 8, 16mm Movie film processing and transfering to VHS and DVD.

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Other Films

  • Please contact us for any other old films.

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